VIDEA is committed to ending global poverty and creating a more just and equitable world.

VIDEA is a feminist human rights focused non-profit organisation that works in partnership with youth, other organisations, and Indigenous communities in Canada and abroad to create a more just and equitable world. We work to improve youth and community understanding of gender and human rights, and to build the capacity of organisations and communities to address human rights violations, to implement climate change adaptation activities, and to work towards reconciliation.

Indigenous and African youth smiling together
a group of youth standing outside together
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Statement on the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Final Report 2-year Anniversary

Trigger Warning: statement includes statistics and analysis of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

Read the statement in full, here: VIDEA Statement on the 2-year Anniversary of MMIWG Report.

Our Feminist Manifestx

Our feminism will challenge and shatter everything oppressive that we’ve accepted as normal. To us, feminism is decolonized, Indigenous, intersectional, complex, brave, anti-capitalist. Our feminism meets
people where they are, it is dynamic and transforming. Our feminism is not business as usual.


Our Statement on Racism

VIDEA denounces all forms of racism, racial discrimination, and oppression. Racism, discrimination and oppression limit opportunities, cause harm to individuals and communities, and wreck lives. Racism, discrimination and oppression are wrong. We recognize no grey areas. These issues will not be debated within VIDEA.


Our Decolonization Toolkit

Designed to spark conversation and growth, our Decolonization Toolkit can be used by individuals, organizations, and communities to encourage participation, meaningful dialogue, and a team approach to decolonization. This toolkit was designed to spark conversation and growth personally or professionally.



Gender Equality


Human Rights


Social Justice

Inspiring thought and action on global issues

Indigenous and African youth smiling together
a group of youth standing outside together

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Being part of our welcoming community is easy, refreshing, and rewarding. We are a diverse group of folks that are committed to learning from and supporting one another using solidarity-informed practices and approaches, and welcome all to join us along our educational journey. 

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Supporting sustainable development begins with you.

VIDEA supports sustainable rights-based development initiatives in Canada and abroad.  Our work is made possible by daily acts of kindness contributed by the people that support us.