40 Years of Protest Full Report

The protests researched independently by the classmate which have taken place over the past 40 years are immensely impactful, memorable, and demonstrate resistance against injustice. They stem from various causes and platforms from around the world. From legendary status, to a more lowkey acknowledgement these protests have all made some remarkable statements and changes in the step towards human rights and international/ community development. Protests such as Tiananmen Square, and the fall of the Berlin Wall have been analyzed and explained https://impotenciastop.pt/. Smaller scale, yet just as essential protests have also not gone unnoticed such as; the protests in The Umoja Village of Kenya. This protest has been built to challenge their normative society. It is a Zimbabwan protest against economic disparities within the region and the injustice systems have created. Protests of the modern age and Western society have also been analyzed as Social Media has given them an entirely new platform along with a rise in popularity and support. The Colin Kaepernick NFL kneel against racial injustices and inequality in the United States, specifically police brutality and mass incarceration through the means of a corrupt justice system have received an immensely huge audience of supporters and criticizers due to social media. Globalization and technology have created a network of popularity, awareness and support on many of these causes. Regardless of the magnitude or popularity of the protests, it is evident that all have made an impact. Big or small, protests are a demonstration of the power the people hold when united for a cause or against injustice- a total demonstration of resistance and resilience for the greater purpose of peace and equity. In terms of community development, they work to magnify, fortify, and unite the rights and demands of community members. It serves as a voice for justice and unifies people alike. VIDEA has done a remarkable job advocating and partnering along with this type of social justice and community development over the past 40 years.

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Youth and protest seem inextricably connected, with young people lending their enthusiasm and new outlooks to activist movements. The protests detailed here were chosen by students, providing a snapshot of some of the movements of the last 40 years, but also a look into what protests spark interest in a contemporary university classroom. Historically, young adults have played a large part in activism, and these causes will become the rallying points for this next generation of activists. For forty years, VIDEA has upheld the role of youth in community development. This resource celebrates not only the achievements of the movements described, but also the partnerships that VIDEA has built with UVic students. This resource serves as an example of what youth can do in cooperation with organizations that help guide them. On a grander scale, it is very appropriate that university students compile this resource, which shows their present and future role at the heart of social justice movements. Through learning about past successes in activism, students will be prepared to take the lead in the issues that face our world now.

Contributors: Alexander Walker, Jacqueline Rutherford, Sarah Graham, Frederick Pokoj, Ollie Flynnegan, Valentina Campo, Alexandra Southam, Benjamin Eric Lenner, Catherine McDowell, Seleste Loganhume, Eloise Comuzzi, Harrison C. Fox, Jonathan Carroll, Joshua Augsburg, Kali Douglas, Kate Martens, Josh Miller, Kimberly Webber, Mackenzie Holwill, Nicole Hall, Noah Snell.