This is Our Story! Banned? NO MORE!!


Are you an Indigenous, LGBTQl2+, and/or a differently abled youth, between the ages of 14-30? If so, then we want you to apply! No matter how connected and knowledgeable you feel about your culture – we will learn together, even if you have never done something like this before.


This Nationwide Virtual Competition will engage Indigenous youth and bring forward cultural traditions meaningful to you and your community that will be shared and profiled through this project- This Is Our Story! Banned? NO MORE!!


You will meet weekly over zoom with youth leaders and engage with knowledge keepers, receive film making training, collect footage on cultural and traditional arts, YOU are passionate about. You will help co-create and develop a short film featuring stories on banned cultural practices and help create a curriculum for schools that integrate the film, shared knowledge, and more! These tools will be shared through school-based workshops to inspire Canadian youth that you will share with your peers.


An 1884 amendment to the Indian act of 1876 banned a wide range of cultural practices and traditions. These practices previously contributed to the sharing of beliefs and customs, shaped Indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing. Without them, Indigenous people lost their connection to culture, to traditional ways of developing healthy communities, and to traditional governance. These cultural practices and traditions are no longer banned, and we can be proud of where we come from and show the world-we are resilient and strong indigenous peoples.


We will work together to create a safe and supportive space for each youth leader to engage together through collective action. You will be able to bring knowledge not only to your team but to your community while gaining new skills and confidence by attending zoom meetings.  


You will learn about Indigenous cultural traditions that were previously banned under the Indian act, celebrating and promoting resilience and healing (these include traditional ceremonies, song, dance, drumming, art, and craft).

This project will create a better understanding on the Indian act, the history, and ongoing legacy. You will take part in an online youth festival in 2024/2025 and provide opportunities for Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth to celebrate Indigenous culture, art, and ceremony and more that will not only inspire you but help guide many other young people in Canada, specifically though classroom learning and reconciliation activities over the next 2 years!

This is a compensated youth leadership opportunity; you will be paid for your time and collaboration!

Deadline extended.

This project is brought to you and funded by Heritage Canada

Community Guidelines/Expectations

For the application, you will need to submit a 2-minute video about banned cultural practices of your choice and share with us why it is important to you.

(Example: during the Indian act they banned ceremony so today it is important that we learn our culture and attend gatherings-powwows, potlach, round dance etc.)

You will be completing a wide variety of tasks that include but not limited to:

  • Engaging with Elders and Knowledge Keepers through weekly virtual meetings 1-2 hour per week throughout the summer.
  • Receive film making training.
  • Collecting footage in your communities and helping co-create a film-featuring stories about banned cultural practices-led by you!
  • You will help lead an online festival in 2024/2025. More details to come.
  • Co-create a curriculum resource (grades 8-12), that integrates the film and helps teachers and students across turtle island. That you will help teach and share with your communities.
  • Don’t worry, we will be doing this together.

IF you:

  • Can commit to showing up to weekly meetings with your camera on
  • Between the age range: 14-30
  • If you’re under the age of 18, Please have your parent/guardian’s permission.
  • Have a phone, tablet, or camera etc.


The winners of this competition are agreeing to participate fully and complete all tasks in a timely manner. The winners of this competition will not only be compensated $2,500 but will also be gaining new skills and connections, while developing lasting relationships.  

All winners will be contacted.