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It’s easy! Several years ago a decision was made that membership of VIDEA should be free to enable anyone who shares the same values, and who wants to put their name behind the organisation, to join! As a member of VIDEA you become part of a strong community of social justice supporters, and gain opportunities to become more involved with VIDEA. Also, as a member of VIDEA you help us to strengthen the case we make for our work with funders and partners. What do you have to do? If you share the same values as seen below, just click the membership button and you will receive an email to confirm your membership. That’s all! Thanks!

We have applied a human rights-based approach across our work since 1978.

We are a feminist organization. We believe that gender equality is central to international and Canadian community development. We believe in the right of all women to make their own decisions about their sexual and reproductive health. We are a pro-choice organization.

We develop long-term relationships with partners in Canada and overseas that are based on solidarity and friendship. We consider our overseas partners to be our equal partners in development.

We strive to actively participate in coalitions. We strive for humility. We recognize that our role is that of supporter and ally and that we play a small role in global development.

We are willing to be courageous, innovative and radical in order to confront environmental, indigenous and human rights injustices.

We believe that youth are the leaders of today and are critical agents of change. We work to ensure that youth from diverse backgrounds are represented at all levels of our organization. We believe that young people should have their voices heard and we are willing to stand up to prevent the silencing of youth.

We believe in the value of diversity and rights for all. We believe that women’s rights, disability rights, LGBTQI2+ rights, and Indigenous rights, are human rights.

We align our work with the Sustainable Development Goals. We believe in the centrality of internally agreed-to frameworks and conventions as guiding instruments.

We believe in every person’s right to religious freedom. We are a non-religious organization.

We support the rights of Indigenous peoples to control their own land and governance systems. We are committed to collaborating and consulting Indigenous peoples on our work. We work to ensure that Indigenous people are represented at all levels of our organization, and support reconciliation activities in Canada.

We integrate environmental stewardship, including environmental analysis, across our work. We work to prevent climate change, to protect biodiversity, and to honour the sanctity of our land, forests, oceans, air, and fresh water.

We believe that the absence of armed conflict, disarmament, and non-violence are key in addressing global issues.

We believe in the right of all workers to organize to protect their wages, working conditions and work environment. We believe that all people deserve an equal chance to earn a livable and competitive wage for their work, including workers in the not-for-profit sector and our own employees.

We value our independent voice and protect our financial autonomy from political or corporate interests.