Indigenous and Global South Youth Panel on Decolonization

This International Development Week, join us for a youth panel discussion on the importance of decolonizing the development sector. 

Register now to be part of the conversation on Wednesday, February 8th at 10:00 am (PST) and learn from a panel of experts from various backgrounds who be sharing their perspectives and experiences on the needs and challenges associated with decolonizing the sector. 

(Artwork made by Lindsey Tipewan)

Our Panel

Margaret Tuhumwire

As the Executive Director of EWAD, a National Non- Governmental Organisation, Margaret Tuhumwire has a leading position in Organisational Development, providing overall management, guidance and supervision. Margaret is passionate about programs and projects leading to greater community development and transformation, driven by interest and professionalism. She is responsible for resource mobilization, initiating and developing project proposals for funding, as well as coordination and collaboration with local and international organizations, and stakeholders. Interpersonal skills that have enabled me to bridge relationships between EWAD and many organisations like UNICEF, USAID, UNDP/SGP, Comic Relief, Videa of Vancouver, Canada, Grandmothers of Vineland, Ontario, Canada, Fairtrade Foundation, Fairtrade Africa, Hivos/Stop Child Labour, National and International Rotary Clubs, to mention but a few.

Lily Singelengele

Lily Singelengele is An Agronomist by profession, CEO at Green Agriculture Youth Organization, Award winning entrepreneur ,Mandela Washington alumni, African Leadership Womens network pioneer and currently running the Voices for just Climate action Zambia which aims at amplifying community voices .

Michael Songiso

Michael Songiso is from Lusaka, Zambia and he is VIDEA’s Antiracism and Climate Change Advisor. He is also a student working on his MBA in Project Management at the University of Zambia. 

Michael is a former participant at the Praxis Institute UBC on the SDGs/ He is very passionate about Climate Smart, Quality Education, Equality and Social Justice. His hobbies include creative writing, poetry, long-distance running and music. He loves the Zambian culture and is a very good traditional drummer. He is currently writing a fictitious story book that addresses climate awareness and action. Michael is a lover of nature and gets inspiration from it for writing. 

Blessing Ngenyi

My name is katushabe Vivian ngenyi blessing. I am the last and 11th child of ngenyi who died in 2003 and elivadiah. I was raised by a village of powerful women like my mother , my sister Sharon Nyanjura ,because of this I aspired to be like them and also help many women in my community get their voice just like my sisters and mother . This led me to opt for gender studies at bachelors level

I am an African feminist who loves sharing about my culture and working with women