Monday, February 7th

  1. Head outside, take a breath. Shoes are optional
  2. Take a walk; it doesn’t have to be too far but find a tree, plant, something with roots.
  3. Close your eyes, and do it safely
  4. Use your hands to feel the base, the leaves
  5. If the wind blows your hair in your face, don’t worry
  6. Notice your body and mind and how they feel, move beyond the uncomfortable and “silliness,” smell the air, the plant, your hands, notice what you are hearing, what you are touching?
  7. Take a picture!
  8. Then head home and quickly write 1-3 lines about how you felt, what you heard, what you saw, what you felt,.. were you uncomfortable? What did you learn?
  9. Use the link below to upload your picture and 1-3 lines to the Jam board! If you are accessing Jam board through your phone, you will need to download the link.
  10. If you can’t figure out Jamboard, no worries email or, and we will upload it for you

Find A Tree Relation: A Land-Based Activity

Monday, February 7th, 2022
12:00pm (PST) 3:00pm (EST) 10:00pm (CAT)

Our IAYI Team invites you to take a moment to participate in a land-based activity! Go outside and find a tree. Use all your senses to interact with the tree and be mindful of how you are feeling. Take a picture of the tree and write a few lines about the experience and share it with us on Jamboard by February 10th!

IDW Storytelling: Decolonizing and Indigenizing Stories or Development

Monday, February 7th, 2022
7:00pm (PST) 9:00pm (EST) 5:00am (CAT)

To register for this event, please e-mail

Tuesday, February 8th

What is Quality Education?

Tuesday, February 8th, 2022
10:00am (PST) 1:00pm (EST) 8:00pm (CAT)

Social media posts to get you thinking! We’re analyzing education – what quality education REALLY means and how it is used to gatekeep the International Development sector. Watch VIDEA social media channels around 10AM PST, 1PM EST, 8PM CAT on Tuesday, February 8th.

Wednesday, February 9th

Centennial College Panel: Indigenization, Decolonization, and Resurgence.

Wednesday, February 9th, 2022
10:00am (PST) 1:00pm (EST) 8:00pm (CAT)

Come join the discussion about current efforts, strategies, and programs on decolonization with a focus on an Indigenous perspective with OFIFC and VIDEA staff members Kate Herchak, Taleetha Tait, and Michael Songiso.

The Land Talks Back: An Elder’s Knowledge-based Podcast.

Wednesday, February 9th, 2022
11:00am (PST) 2:00pm (EST) 9:00pm (CAT)

Climate Justice Team Podcast launch and listening party! There will be games and door prizes!

ACGC’s 2022 Top 30 Under 40 Celebration Event

Wednesday, February 9th, 2022
5:00pm(PST) 8:00pm (EST) 3:00am (CAT)

Come celebrate VIDEA’s Program Coordinator, Lilianna Coyes-Loiselle (A 30-under-30 WINNER!)

Thursday, February 10th

Indigenous Voices in Development: Colonial AF

Thursday, February 10th, 2022
12:00pm (PST) 3:00pm (EST) 10:00pm (CAT)

A frank discussion on the persisting problems in our sector from the perspective of powerful youth in the field.

Friday, February 11th

Decolonize the SDGs: Video Drop

Friday, February 11th, 2022
10:00am (PST) 1:00pm (EST) 8:00pm (CAT)

The VIDEA team invites you to approach the SDGs with a critical eye. How can the SDGs be applied to International Development when they were created without input from the people they will actually affect? Decolonizing the SDGs is the only way forward. We challenge you to unpack, relearn, and be inspired!