We are always working to make VIDEA, and the sector we work in, more meaningfully inclusive, accessible and supportive. 

What is Quality Education?

The following social media graphics were used as a part of International Development Week 2022 to ask the question, “What is Quality Education?” and how education is used to gatekeep the International Development Sector.

Social Media Posts

Miranda Drag Queen, Inclusion and Engagement Officer, shares a bit about her work with VIDEA!


Jennifer Dosanj, Inclusion and Engagement Officer, shares her self-advocacy knowledge and works to encourage others to use their voice. 

Intersection Between Disability and Climate Justice

Delaney and Vinyl host a workshop about ableism in the climate justice movement at our annual International Youth Conference. 

Connect with Kindness

The lives of young people are shaped so heavily by life online. In recent years we have seen an alarming influx of online hate, racism, and violence targeting Indigenous youth. This online hate and violence impact young people so deeply. It can alter how they see themselves, their ability to form connections, and it impacts their mental health. In 2020, the isolation necessary to slow the spread of COVID-19 shifted many young people even further online for connection and community. This led to a significant increase in online hate against Indigenous, racialized, 2SLGBTQ+, and marginalized youth.

Addressing online hate, and advocating for digital kindness, was a big part of our work in 2020. Connect with Kindness, a group of Victoria-based youth gathering to talk about online hate wanted to be part of the solution. They created a social media campaign and the Connect with Kindness Toolkit, which draws awareness to and sparks conversations about cruelty online.

Download the Toolkit

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