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This year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are doing our internships virtually! Click here to learn more and apply for this year’s online Indigenous internship program.

Walking Together is an Indigenous youth program run by VIDEA under the Global Affairs Canada International Aboriginal Internship Program IAYI. Walking Together is a fun and fully funded education program that will give you the opportunity to travel to Africa! Walking Together helps young Indigenous youth (aged 18-35) to build their knowledge of sustainable development, environmental stewardship, gender equality, good governance, and of different cultures. A 4-week briefing immerses interns in the west coast environment of the T’Sou-ke Nation, before traveling to complete the briefing in a rural community in Zambia. After this, participants spend 4 months in either Zambia or Uganda, with supportive VIDEA project coordinators, taking part in a mix of team-oriented learning and sharing opportunities, and volunteering at local gender and human rights organizations where you will be immersed in a different cultural context and will focus on building a better understanding of community and international development. A reintegration period begins in Zambia and completes back at the T’Sou-ke Nation and will help participants to analyze what they have learned and how it can be applied in their own communities. After the reintegration we will continue to work with participants to take part in awesome public engagement activities, including pow-wows, Indigenous youth conferences, and so much more! We also continue to support participants learning outcomes and help participants to build the careers that they want for years to come!

Apply today! If you have any questions about the program or if you would like to speak to past interns about their experiences overseas, please get in touch with Rachel at

About the Program

The International Indigenous Youth Internship (IAYI) program provides opportunities for Indigenous young adults (18-35) to participate in international internships in countries in southern and eastern Africa. Internship placements are located in Zambia & Uganda. 

IAYI Aims to:

Provide valuable international experience for Indigenous youth;

Provide opportunities for Indigenous youth to increase their awareness of the contribution to Canada’s international development efforts, through participation in internships with local partner organizations; 

Build the capacity of Indigenous youth to promote Canada’s international development efforts in both Canada and abroad. 

IAYI Includes

Travel – transport to and from home community to Victoria and all international flights. 

Vaccinations and travel medicines. 

Food and accommodation during all portions of the pre-departure training and reintegration training. 

Small allowance bi-monthly throughout the placement (this is enough to live on during the internship)


Interns will be supported by VIDEA staff based in southern and eastern Africa and in Canada before, during, and after the internship. 

Interns will be supervised by staff at host organizations. 


Interns must be able to commit to a five-month absence from home (including one month of pre-departure/reintegration briefing in Victoria BC, and four months overseas)

All VIDEA internship programs, including this one, are drug and alcohol-free. When working in new countries and cultural environments the use of alcohol and drugs can impair judgement and result in increased health and safety risks. 

The intern cannot travel to other African countries or back to Canada during the placement, other than in cases of an emergency and with the permission of VIDEA.

Hear from former IAYI’s on what their experiences mean to them!


VIDEA requires a 5-month commitment for all interns. 


10-days with T'Sou-ke First Nation
14-days in Mumbwa (rural Zambia)


3-months with host organization in either Zambia, Uganda, or South Africa

Reintergration Training

17 days in Mumbwa (rural Zambia)
5-days with T'Souke First Nation


10 public engagement activities will be completed with the support of other interns and VIDEA staff