Indigenous Youth Internship Programme

About the Program:

VIDEA’s IYIP provides opportunities for young Indigenous adults (18-30) to participate in international internships in Zambia, Uganda and Tanzania; and virtual work experience placements.

IYIP aims to:

  • Provide valuable international experience for Indigenous youth;
  • Connect Indigenous youth to learning opportunities with host organizations and communities;
  • Support Indigenous youth to pursue education and employment opportunities through growth, learning and skills development;
  • Support Indigenous youth understanding of global citizenship, and capacity to act as global citizens.

Am  I Eligible?

  • Indigenous identified
  • 18-30 years of age

IYIP Includes:

  • All Flights
  • Vaccinations and travel medicines.
  • Food and accommodation during all portions of the pre-departure training and reintegration training.
  • Small allowance bi-monthly throughout the placement (this is enough to live on during the internship)


  • Lots of opportunity for support from VIDEA staff based in Southern and Eastern Africa, and in Canada, throughout internships and beyond
  • Supervision from staff at host organizations
  • Opportunities to connect to the wider VIDEA community.


We are recruiting Indigenous youth from across the country to participate in Walking Together, our International Youth Internship Programme (IYIP) funded by Global Affairs Canada. This is a fully-funded opportunity* for Indigenous youth (18-30) to travel to Zambia, Uganda or Tanzania and work alongside with one of our amazing partner organizations to build your knowledge of sustainable development, environmental stewardship, gender equality, good governance, disability justice and inclusion, and global citizenship, while immersed in a new place and culture!! 

IYIP placements are well supported – interns will receive support from VIDEA staff in-country and virtual support from the VIDEA team and community in Canada, before, during and after the internship, as well as supervision from staff at host organization. 

The lengths of internships are flexible!! Each placement will begin with a briefing and end with a re-integration, which will prepare you for your internship, and apply your learning and growth afterwards. After the reintegration we will continue working together as you take part in exciting public engagement activities (think: pow wows, conferences, hosting events and more!!) and support you as you leverage what you learned to build the career you want. 

For those with barriers to travel (ex. caregiving responsibilities, mental health and substance-related challenges, disabilities and more) we have a virtual work experience opportunity with similar themes and opportunities for growth!!

*We unable to reimburse any costs associated with interns getting or renewing passports for the internship. This specific cost is disallowed by the funder.

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