International Virtual Indigenous Internship

International Virtual Indigenous Internship is a program run by VIDEA under the Global Affairs Canada International Indigenous Youth Internship Initiative IAYI. The Internship is a fun and fully funded education program that will give you the opportunity to learn about different cultures, make new friends, and develop personal and professional skills! The Internship helps young Indigenous youth (aged 18-35) to build their knowledge of sustainable development, environmental stewardship, gender equality, and good governance. The internship begins with a 2-week briefing in partnership with T’Sou-ke Nation and the community of Mumbwa in Zambia, which will help guide your internship. Throughout your 3-month internship, you will learn about community and international development from gender and human rights experts in Zambia and Uganda. At the end of your internship, a 2-week reintegration period will be used to debrief what you have learned, focus on career development, and create awesome public engagement activities. We also continue to support participants’ learning outcomes and help participants to build the careers that they want for years to come!