Wellness Wednesdays

Wellness Wednesday is an Indigenous-led initiative that supports healing, connection, and community to those that identify as Indigenous within the VIDEA community. Facilitators and hosts work to create and hold virtual space for Indigenous folx to convene, connect, and access healing through activities and support grounded in Indigenous feminism. Each week a special guest joins to facilitate a workshop. So far workshops have included Indigenous yoga, an Elder doing spiritual work, making dream catchers with Elders, storytelling, beadwork and more!

“We wanted to create a space that was Indigenous. We had the idea to do a women’s wellness group focused on mind, body, and spirit, so we brought together Indigenous youth within the VIDEA community to share a meal, talk about what holistic healing means to them, and to plan and create this program” – Taleetha who leads this space alongside Danika, Deena and Cheyenne.

Coordinators of Wellness Wednesday invite facilitators “who have healthy relationships in their understanding of Indigenous femininity and they offer teachings around that. Many of our facilitators have been Two Spirit, and each of them works to dismantle toxic masculinity in an Indigenous ways. Often this is done in really subtle ways” – Taleetha

Wellness Wednesdays is made possible with support from the Government of Canada under Canada Service Corps.