Learning Resources

VIDEA has produced a range of globally-focused learning resources over the last 40+ years, covering a variety of topics from colonization, to access to education, from community climate action, to gender equality.

Back to the Land: A Vision for Climate Justice in our Communities

Over the past three years, Working Together as One: VIDEA’s Climate Justice Team have had the privilege of gathering and learning together with community members of all ages in Lil’wat, TLKemchEEn, T’Sou-ke and Maskwacis.
We are a group of 8 First Nations, Métis and Zambian emerging leaders working in our own communities to dream up and plan for a climate just future! Talking about the climate crisis can be scary, but we’ve learned some strategies that make it fun, creative and make sure that there is space for lots of different voices – including the Land, animals and waters.
We need to talk about about climate change, how we feel about it and work with our communities to build relationships and make sure we are prepared to adapt together. Our team at Working Together As One has come up with a few actions we can take together. Will you join us?
The Decolonization Toolkit was designed to spark conversation and growth personally, professionally, organizationally, or community wide. The toolkit can be used fully or in pieces, in order to best suites the space. In partnership with the toolkit activities there is a facilitator guide in order to make the material as accessible as possible. There is a suggested reading list to deepen Indigenous content and awareness.
The Connect with Kindness Toolkit was created to bring attention to online hate, and highlight the importance of mental health, wellness and kindness online. This resource was created by youth, for youth.
This Inclusion Toolkit was created by our Inclusion Officer and Education Hub Team Leader to create awareness about inclusion and share tips on creating inclusive spaces.
Flourishing as a Leader Infographic
To create a safe and equitable workspace for people of all genders. Gender discrimination is an issue that causes barriers for women and gender diverse people.
The objective of this policy proposal is to create a safe and equitable resources and workspaces for people of all genders expressions, ultimately contributing to inclusive work cultures. People of all genders may be at risk of, or impacted by intimate partner violence.
As part of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence, we decided that we needed to add our voices to the conversation. It’s time for Indigenous youth to stand up and say NO to gender-based violence and that is exactly what we did
Talking about the climate crisis can be difficult and bring up strong feelings. VIDEA’s Climate Justice team shares some tips on taking climate action in your own workplace and community. AND, an interview with Kwikws Eliza Peters, member of the Climate Justice team and Spur Change Youth Champion.