Learning Resources

VIDEA has produced a range of globally-focused learning resources over the last 38 years, covering a variety of topics from global warming, to access to education, to the future of our forests to gender equality.

Previously, we have also been proud to partner with Will Weigler and the Inter-Cultural Association on “From the Heart” – an unconventional theater piece about reconciliation in the summer of 2013. “From the Heart” was co-created by an inter-generational culturally diverse group of 30 people who were then joined by another 70 to perform it once the script was ready. All 120 performances were sold out and the show went on to win Best New Play of the season from the Victoria Critic’s Choice Spotlight Awards. For more information on the project, you can purchase the book “From the Heart: How 100 Canadians Created an Unconventional Theater Performance about Reconciliation” here.

The following resources are available for download and may be used and replicated for use for educational purposes. Please note – it takes a few minutes for each pdf to load – please be patient!


The Decolonization Toolkit was designed to spark conversation and growth personally, professionally, organizationally, or community-wide and can be used fully or in pieces depending on what works best for you!

The Organizational Decolonisation Action Plan is the second step of the Decolonization Toolkit. This Action Plan outlines actions that organizations can take to build and implement their own decolonization plan.

Online Hate

The Connect with Kindness Toolkit was created to bring attention to online hate, and highlight the importance of mental health, wellness and kindness online. This resource was created by youth, for youth.


This Inclusion Toolkit was created by our Inclusion Officer and Education Hub Team Leader to create awareness about inclusion and share tips on creating inclusive spaces.

Shared Wisdom - Reaching Further

This project was funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada.                 

You ARE a Leader

Gender Policy Proposal

Gender Safety Policy

Shared Wisdom Activity Cards

As part of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence, we decided that we needed to add our voices to the conversation. It’s time for Indigenous youth to stand up and say NO to gender-based violence and that is exactly what we did.

Global Citizenship in the Climate Crisis

Talking about the climate crisis can be difficult and bring up strong feelings. VIDEA’s Climate Justice team shares some tips on taking climate action in your own workplace and community. AND, an interview with Kwikws Eliza Peters, member of the Climate Justice team and Spur Change Youth Champion. 

This series of resources explore the importance of gender and education as well as the movement of labour.

The Sweatshop Series is a compilation of resources for teachers and students that focuses on the global production line and explores some of the links between producers and consumers. The booklets can be used individually or together.

The colonialism series debunks many of the myths surrounding colonialism in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. The series addresses different approaches to colonialism and closely examines 'who really benefits' from these unequal relationships.