Safety in Sex Work: Protecting Our Spirits

This project is led by 7 Indigenous youth from across Turtle Island who are passionate about working to educate other Indigenous youth on safe ways of engaging with sex work and on alternative options. They are working to create spaces where education can be shared and voices of marginalized people are uplifted.

This project is funded by BC Civil Forfeiture.

“We acknowledge the intersectionality that exists between the ongoing human rights issues Indigenous communities are facing and the work we do. We raise awareness on ALL experiences of people partaking in sex work. We will be growing our community’s knowledge on the topic of safety in sex work and advocacy through an accessibly delivered and trauma-informed lens.” 


Using what they learned throughout the project, Indigenous youth leaders created this resource to support understanding about sex work laws, the importance of ethical and feminist porn, decolonizing sex work, safety tips and more! You can check it out below:

Protecting our Spirits: A resource for sex workers and policy makers

Meet the Team


Cassandra is a Cree woman apart of the Beardy’s & Okemasis First Nation band in treaty 6 territory. She was a part of VIDEA’s cohort 6 virtual interns & is now a part of the Safety in Sex Work: Protecting Our Spirit Project.

Cassandra is a full-time student at the University of Saskatchewan, where she is working towards a degree in Indigenous studies. Cassandra is passionate about Indigenous issues & reconnecting with her culture while furthering her knowledge along the way. Her favourite activities is cuddling up with her cars & reading her kindle with a coffee. 



Aries, Pisces, Scorpio Cuties – 

Carpenter, sculptor, photographer, climate curriculum development officer and content developer with Safety in Sex Work: Protecting our Spirit Together. 

What brings you joy? One piece; myself, my loved ones, food, consuming media, creating art, baking and cooked cause I get to feed myself and the people around me. I love being out on the land and getting to experience nature in its natural state. Bike riding, swimming, horseback riding, reading and sitting with trees, spending time with my communities! I love playing games; board games, card games, video games, any kind of games. My camera. 


Tristen Clarke (she/they) is a proud Nēhîthâwâk and member of Lac La Rondge Indian Band. She currently resides on Treaty 4 Territory. A previous VIDEA intern working in the tech industry, she was ecstatic to join the project. She has a passion for policy and Indigenous youth empowerment. She also enjoys web dev. and playing music. 

Josephine (she/her)

Josephne has been engaged with and enthralled by the VIDEA community since 2021 and is now working as a curriculum and engagement project officer. 

After contributing to the creation of the Silence and Stolen Human Trafficking Awareness project, she is excited to build on the same motivations and values while growing with the Safety in Sex Work: Protecting our Spirit team. 

Josie is currently developing climate curriculum on the Donnelly Project and focusing on a local Canada Corps films project she is co-directing (IDEE)

Josie is proud to be a member of the Métis Nation of Alberta and currently resides on Treaty 6 Territory in so-called Edmonton. She loves to paint, laugh, write, bike, read, explore, think and surf. 


Hello! My name is Brittany Lynn Gray.

I am a Mi’kmaq/Acadian woman originally from Oinpegitjoig – known as roughly flowing water. 

I am currently in my 7th year of university studying Indigenous counseling at the graduate level! My world is revolved around my spirituality, culture, wellness, and self-development. In my spare time, I dance, practice pilates, make beadwork, drum and sign, play Disney Dreamlight Valley on my Switch, and work on my overall well-being through many different avenues. 

On the side, I offer card readings, peer support, and a Patreon focused on providing a safe space to explore spirituality and personal growth. 


She was born in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, and her home community is Witchekan Lake First Nation, Treaty 6.

Lindsey Tipewan is the Creative Engagement Officer at VIDEA and a former IAYI intern with Women for Change in Zambia. 

Lindsey enjoys learning – throughout her internship, she learned about governance, gender, and the environment from her friends in Uganda and Zambia, as well as fellow and former interns. 

Lindsey loves to draw, have fun, hang out with friends and family, and go on road trips. 

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