Global Community Storytelling Night

Global Community Storytelling remains a super special and welcoming weekly space for the VIDEA community – we look forward to Monday evenings because of it!! Storytellers continue to generously share beautiful, powerful, funny, thoughtful, interesting and creative stories, art and songs. We had many special edition Storytelling nights throughout 2022 to highlight, celebrate and commemorate. We are grateful for all of those who have shared – this space would be nothing with you! 

We started this weekly Storytelling event at the beginning of the pandemic as a way to connect and support one another.! Nearly 3 years later (!!!!), these events still fill all of our hearts as this amazingly diverse, passionate, and talented community comes together to share stories, poems, songs, affirmations, and so much more. We have had calls with over 100 friends of VIDEA on the line, as well as cozy groups of 30. Participants have joined from three continents and represent over 15 years of VIDEA programming!! 

For the last year, we have been hosting a Creative Hour right before Storytelling, which allows folks to connect through art and creativity. Folks join to work on their creative projects together.